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Shannon A.
The History Book: Weeks #51 & #52 
21st-Mar-2011 01:40 am
So as part of the final revision of the history book I've ended up writing two new articles for it.

The first was Task Force Games, which I wrote last weekend. I'd just intended to write a mini-history, but I'd collected enough information by that time that I ended up with a full history, about 3000 words long. I've got some corrections back from one of the main forces behind Task Force, and I'm thus ready to do a final draft on it. Probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

The second was Adept Press, which I'd been planning to write as a full article ever since I got comments suggesting it, as I decided it'd let me connect up a lot of history about storytelling games + indie games in the industry. That one took me until Thursday to finish and came out at about 7000 words.

This last weekend I've made substantial progress on comments I'd gotten from various people. After those two histories were done, things even seemed to lighten up a bit today ...
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