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Shannon A.
Sixkill, by Robert Parker 
3rd-May-2011 10:04 pm

"After the rain lifted, the world would probably seem as freshly washed as I was. The cleanliness was almost certainly illusory, or at best short-lasting. But life is mostly metaphor, anyway.

"I got in my car and drove west."

That's the end Robert Parker's last Spenser novel: a baptism and a trip to the Undying Lands, if you believe life is mostly metaphor, anyway.

Not his best work, as the theme of rehabilitating someone has been done before in the Spenser novels, most notably with Paul in Early Autumn, which was one of his best.

I get the impression that Parker was working on the 41st(?) Spenser novel when he died. If so, we'll probably see that work, as a new author has already been picked to write the Spenser novels (and the Stone novels as well).

Life goes on for the rest of us. I'm glad Parker's Joan decided to keep his heroes alive.
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