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Shannon A.
5000 Miles! 
27th-Aug-2012 10:45 am
Forgot about half of what I intended to write in my journal last night. The big one is that my bike computer's odometer tipped over to 5000 miles when I did my nighttime ride on Friday evening. That's more or less since I got my new bike in late 2008 (I think I have the year right), since I got the bike computer a few weeks later, right around Thanksgiving.

My riding has taken a notable upturn in the last several months as I've been riding up the hill a couple of times a week. At a minimum, I've been riding up to Lake Temescal once a week and up to the Shepherd Canyon Trail once a week. This is in part because I want to keep improving my hill riding ability, now that it's got past the level of suck, and in part because I want to get more exercise to lose weight. Both of those goals have been going along well.

I've been going down to the Bay less, in part because I think "it'll be all windy down there", which doesn't tend to be the case in the hills. But I still have more Bay Trail riding that I want to do!
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