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Shannon A.
House of Sick 
4th-Nov-2012 10:42 pm
SICK. Last week the Casa de Appelcline was the House of Sick. Kimberly picked up a cold early in the week, and was pretty sick by Wednesday. Then her cough kept getting worse and worse until she went into the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis. Which explains the awful hacking coughs, the not sleeping, and that sort of thing. Fortunately, she now has drugs.

I'm pretty sure that I've picked up the cold in a pretty minor form. I've been tired when I've been out and about since around Thursday and I've been coughing when I eat dairy. Nothing horrendous, mind you. I would like it to go away, though, as I've been avoiding any particularly strenuous exercise lest I make myself worse (not that that's kept me from biking casually, mind you). 

HALLOWEEN. We still managed to have a relatively pleasant halloween. I went out at got us some deserts (you know, like the Sahara) at the Andronico's in north Berkeley. While out I saw a total of five costumes, which was pretty slim pickings, but Berkeley is never great for costumes and it was borderline misting. One vampire or something (a kid), one slutty witch (not a kid), something that looked suspiciously like a binder, though I don't know what it was full of, and two more than disappeared from my mind before I got home. 

With brownie and carrot cake in hand, Kimberly and I then spent most of the evening reading a ghost story. Rather, Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. We had about 50 pages to go on our readaloud and we managed to finish it up in a couple of hours time. We watched some Survivor in there too, since Wednesday is Survivor night.

THE WEEKEND. Friday night started off a bit hectic as I had to pick up the aforementioned drugs, grocery shop on my own, and then pick up dinner. It was sometime between 7 and 8 when I finally settled in to watch some TV and eat. After that things got more relaxed for the rest of the weekend, as I had no gaming scheduled and we had nothing else on our schedule.

Both Saturday and Sunday between lunch and dinner I biked out to work on Designers & Dragons in a more pleasant outside locale. I figured I should get my sun time in while I still can, as Berkeley is about 2 minutes from turning cold, grey, and icky for 4-5 months. So Saturday I was out at Point Isabel, overlooking the Bay, the Marin Headlands, and the Golden Gate, while Sunday I was on the UC campus right near the Campanile. Both very pleasant.

I've stepped back from the new research for a couple of weeks and instead have been editing older articles, putting in information I already had collected, and updating stuff to the modern day when appropriate as it's now been about 18 months since I finalized the last edition of the book. Over the weekend, I thus finalized Chaosium, FGU, Grimoire Games, and Midkemia Press — though I'll take a last look at Chaosium at least just before the first two books go to Evil Hat, to make sure nothing major has occurred in those final 2 months.

This has pretty much finished off everything for the '70s book except for my major revisions still pending (TSR which I've been working on for literally months and Judges Guild). I'm still working on those big revs when I have the most time and attention available, but now I'm also going to be moving on to the '80s (as the first two books are scheduled to be delivered to Evil Hat on January 7). Oh, and I'm going to spend some time to write section dividers for the '70s, an overall timeline, and a few other things of that sort.

ELECTIONS. I so happy that the stupid elections are almost done ... will perhaps be over for all important purposes in 48 hours. I have a bad habit of stressing about things I have no control over, and that's been the case for elections more than once over the years. Things are certainly looking good now, like I might get to actually have Medicare and Social Security when I get old, so I'll hope things are as they look.

I really wanted to help in this election, but I've in general been stressed and overworked and time-pressed (with a lot of that stress coming from cat until the last few weeks) thus I haven't felt it was wise. So though I would have loved to phonebank and GOTV I've opted not to. However, I told Kimberly that I thought it was a really important election, and we made our first political donation as a couple — to the Obama campaign of course. So, we did a little bit. I was going to write that I could have done more, but I'm not really sure that's the case.

In some recent years I've taken election day off, so that I don't have to sit around and fret, but this year I've had enough disruptions to my work schedule recently that I'm going to opt otherwise (spammers of a couple of differnet sorts and a more virulent but still pretty mellow cold from the con I went to in October were the biggest recent issues). However, I have a plan as to how to maximize my work and minimize my stress on election day. I'm going to keep my computer's wifi off most of the day and just work on my code, graphics, and whatnot locally. At lunch I'm going to go out to eat, and thus not skim web sites as I usually do at lunch time. 

After work, Kimberly and I are going to go vote, and then we're going to go eat in Lafayette (probably). iPhoneless. By the time we get back to Berkeley, my hope is that the presidential election and most of the senate seats will be called. (This latter bit presumes she's doing well enough of course, but initial signs are encouraging.)

And then life will be good again.
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