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Shannon A.
Valentines & Other Notes 
14th-Feb-2013 11:31 pm
I havent' been writing much here lately. FB + somewhat uncaring Russian ownership = the slow death of LiveJournal.

And then I've been sick for something like four weeks, with a cold that apparently turned into sinusitis, maybe bacterial. I just took the last antibiotic today and had my last yogurt (= antiantibiotic) tonight. Glad to be done with both of those!

And I haven't written that I've start taking blood pressure medication, which is probably a good thing. I always carefully monitor my BP because it's waggled around the prehypertensive level for the last decade+. My doctor for this recent infection finally decided she didn't like it, so we're trying out Bystolic. So far it's lowered my blood pressure from an average of maybe 135/85 to an average of maybe 110/70, which is a pretty huge win. I still have some concern over side effects, but as a third-generation beta blocker, it's better than what they had before by a large amount. The main thing I'm watching for is if it has an affect on my exercise capacity, but that's been hard to measure due to the fact that I'm recovering from a month-long cold.

(More hill on Saturday, partially to try and continue my return to shape and partially to continue to test my limits, as I couldn't quite make it to Lake Temescal on my first hill ride since the illness.)

So, anyway, Valentines Day. A very nice evening spent with Kimberly.

We had a slightly early dinner at Angeline's, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Berkeley. It's New Orleans cuisine.

And we had the worst waiter in the world, but he was so darned bad that it was just uproariously funny and added to the evening rather than detracting from it. I think the first time I noticed his badness was when he spilled a large amount of water on the table ... then never came back with anything to clean it up. The water slowly pooled toward Kimberly, who eventually had to sacrifice her napkin to save her skirt. When he clumsily knocked something onto the ground at the table next door, it was obvious that this was a trend.

Even funnier was when we asked him for a box (for Kimberly's leftovers) and he offered us desert menus, and then realized he didn't have them, and then wandered off and completely forgot about everything. He was chatting with people and wandering around, and then Kimberly finally caught his eye and he wandered back to the table, clearly curious what we wanted, and only when he got there suddenly said, "Oh! You wanted a box." (Pause here) "Oh, and desert menus!" He remembered them the second time, but then after we'd paid our bill and he'd run our credit card, he totally forgot that too, and Kimberly finally caught his eye ... and he suddenly patted his pocket, realized our credit card with receipt and such was there and hurried back to the table.

Someone was enjoying a little too much of something before coming onto shift, I think.

(And it made me think of a former friends' claim that a certain diner in SF purposefully hired rude waitresses as part of ambience.)

Afterward Kimberly and I cuddled up at home and watched a British movie, about a decade old, called Love Actually. It was a RomCom (surprise!), and despite occasional moments of sappiness, quite good, with a massively multithreaded plot and quite a few funny moments.

So, as I said, a very nice evening.
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