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Shannon A.
Last Day of Hawaii 
5th-Mar-2013 05:37 pm
Today's our last full day in Hawaii, so we ran around and did some of our favorite things.

The whole family had lunch at Tropical Poipu Burgers, a place that Kimberly and I are quite fond of because we ate there a few times during our first visit, in 2001. They have excellent fries, good burgers, and birds that fly among the tables.

Then we went to Pohaku T's, where I get a stone-washed t-shirt every time I go to Hawaii (which means this is my 6th or 7th, though at least a few have been recycled due to being worn out). The shopkeeper was kindly bringing me every large red shirt they had, because my previous red Pohaku t has developed at least one hole. I finally picked one with some Polynesian runes.

Afterward we went to Spouting Horn, where K. likes to shop for jewelry. We also saw cute chicks (little birds that is), not for the first time on the trip, and spent some time gazing up and down at the local shorelines.

Finally we went to Lawai Beach for a final swim of the trip. It's my favorite fish beach, and I indeed saw lots of lovely fish. More to my surprise, I saw 3 or 4 big sea turtles. The smallest was perhaps 2 feet long and the biggest were an amazing 4 feet long or so and probably outmassed me. Beautiful, majestic, and impressive creatures and at times they were just a few feet away in very clear water. I know there were at least three, because I saw them all simultaneously. There might have been a fourth, as I saw him on the opposite side of the beach, but it was a while later, so he could have been on the move. Anyway, totally cool.

And now I'm doing laundry in preparation for our flight tomorrow. (Always nice to get to launder *before* getting home.)

Things I didn't write about: the dog in someone's front yard who started wildly circling the yard when he saw us, like he was herding invisible sheep; the horse by the side of the road I petted; way too much ice cream (I literally ate more ice cream on this trip than I did in the last decade, though that's not necessarily saying a lot); restful breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at home; and probably lots more.

I've been working on the Metropolis history for _Designers & Dragons_ today, which is practically the only work I've done while here. Which is probably a good thing.

Good rest, good company, good swimming, good views, and now I'm looking forward to a good homecoming (hopefully not in the rain). And sleeping in my own bed, and Lucy, and my bicycle.
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