Shannon A. (shannon_a) wrote,
Shannon A.

Wondercon; Ebberon

Yesterday I went to Wondercon with Chris. It was a business trip. He and I have been working on a new comic book, and we'd like to actually find a publisher for this one. So we wandered around, saw who was there, chatted with some people, dropped a copy of the script off with one company, and verified the submission guidelines of a few others. We also found someone who might be interested in my older Lovecraft Country scripts (of which I've actually written three, though we only published one).

It would be totally wonderful if we could find someone to publish some of my scripts, as I'd love to be doing professional comic book work. Whether it's actually possible or not is a totally different question. I've written six scripts so far, and I feel like I could be making a lot better use of the medium, but I also am certain that it's better than much of what is actually published.

We're going to be pursuing this more in the weeks to come.

In gaming news, my Saturday gaming group has decided to start a biweekly Eberron campaign, which Donald will be running (and sometimes Mary too, perhaps), to balance my own Savage Tide game. I realized toward the beginning of the year that I didn't really want to be running every single week, and Donald and Mary came up with this idea without any prodding from my side, which is wonderful.

I made up my character today, a warforged in search of a new career, and realized that I hadn't actually played in a game in years, perhaps since Eric left, so this will be a wonderful change of pace. I'm quite enthusiastic about really RPing again rather than just GMing, and suspect it will help my own gamemastering as well.


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