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Shannon A.
Two Fuzzy Weeks 
7th-Jan-2013 10:14 pm

The last two weeks have been pretty fuzzy — my Christmas holiday week, and then the last week when Kimberly was out in Florida visiting family. That's because I spent lots of time working o Designers & Dragons. Over the Christmas holiday, it was the majority of my time every day. I just spent the days writing, reading, and biking. It got so hazy and fuzzy that on the Saturday afterward (I think) one of the UPS guys asked if he'd seen me up on Alcatraz the previous day, an I couldn't figure out if I'd been there. (The answer turned out to be yes: Kimberly & I were getting groceries.)

This last week (while Kimberly was out of town), if anything I worked harder. I'd do Skotos work all day, then I'd eat dinner, then I'd d Designers & Dragons ork all night, going for a bike ride sometime in the evening if I didn't have anything else going on. The weekend was more of the same, wit Designers & Dragon work all day. I must have done 10-12 hours of work on each of Saturday and Sunday.

I did do 4 nice bike rides while Kimberly was out of town, each time as a break from writing and editing. On Tuesday (after I saw Kimberly off) I rode up to Panoramic Hill. It's right on the southeast of the campus, with just a couple of steep, narrow roads leading up it. The ride was good and there were phenomenal views of the night-lit city. must o up there again during the day sometime. At some point, the road got too narrow, dark, and poorly upkept for me to go up in the dark, so I turned back. Wednesday night I went up into Foothills Dorms in the northeast of campus. This was pretty cool too, because it was like this whole part of campus I'd never seen before. I considered going up to the "C" on the hill, but the dark, steep road to it deterred me. Saturday I rode around Lake Temescal twice, which wasn't amazing, except it was in the rain, which was fun. I'd considered going higher in the hill, but once I got up to Temescal I decided I was wet enough. Sunday I went to Shepherd Canyon, which was nice because I haven't been there in ages.

Oh, and the books, they are done Designers & The Dragons: The '70 an Designers & Dragons: The '80s. I would *love* to collapse at this point, but I'm working on another history project, then I hav The '90s an The '00s, plus I'm behind on reviews and Mechanics & Meeples. So, maybe just a mini-collapse or something until next week. We'll see.

Kimberly should be arriving in SFO soon, so I'll be off to walk her back from BART, midnight-ish.

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