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Shannon A.
Hiking & Eating 
2nd-Mar-2013 09:00 pm
I've been wanting to do more hiking in Hawaii on recent trips, but unfortunately various illnesses by other folks have minimized it. Still, we got one hike in today. After lunch out at Lydgate Park (near the VERY WINDY beach), we headed inland to Kapaa, where we eventually came to Moalepe Trail - which goes even further inland. At first it runs in between various private lands, and then it suddenly opens up into the big, wide wilderness.

I wasn't impressed by the first 1.25miles of the trail or so, which were the ones running between private lands. You had barbed wire fences on either side and the trail was pretty poorly maintained, full of all sorts of stuff to turn your ankle on. There were nonetheless nice views every once in a while of the mountains in the distance. However, once it opened up it was absolutely gorgeous. You were totally walking through Kaiuan wilderness with beautiful trees and mountains all around. Some absolutely gorgeous vistas.

K. opted to call it quits pretty early on because her stamina is bad after many months of illness. My dad and I decided to go to the 2 mile spot and then turn back because he was getting tired and we knew we'd left K. for a long time. If we'd made it to 2.7 miles or so we would have gotten to the bridge that officially marks the end of the Moalepe Trail (and the start of the Ridge Trail which goes 2.1 miles or so on the other side). Overall, it was a very nice hike, and I'm thinking we should try the Ridge Trail next year. (On the list of many things for next year, like a train ride, a trip to a Hindu Monastery, and who knows what else that I've already forgotten about.)

In the evening we went to a fancy Hyatt restaurant called Tidepools. I had a lobster, shrimp, and fish plate where the lobster was phenomenal and everything else was quite good. Everyone else was pretty pleased with their food too, though it was clearly fancier than my Dad or I would usually go to.

We walked about the Hyatt a bit afterward and enjoyed their beautiful grounds, then headed to Poipu where we got Laperts Ice Cream. I got their gelato which I'd lusted after in prior years, before I discovered that I can eat ice cream again, with a couple of lactaid. It was OK, but I probably would have been just as happy (and less latosed) with a chocolate-peanut-butter-fudge thingy.

Eating too much in the way of sweets on this trip, since that followed an entirely delicious chocolate ice cream soda my dad made me in the afternoon, but so it goes.

That was pretty much the day. Oh, and it turns out that Mary's co-worker/friend C. is still staying at their house a couple of times a week so she doesn't have to go all the way up to Princeville after she closes. (She was here last night & this morning.) I was quite surprised that was still going on a year later, but so it goes.
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