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Shannon A.
The World Keeps Going Round 
21st-Jul-2013 11:23 pm
So things are slightly settling down for me. Not because K's medical prognosis looks any better, and not because we've necessarily come to terms with stuff, but perhaps because we're coming to terms with the need to come to terms.

I ended up bailing on running Pathfinder on Saturday, but everyone was quite understanding, and I'm slowly feeling up to doing stuff again.

We've actually been doing a lot of upkeep for the house later.

A couple of weeks ago I finished getting all the rewiring done for our entertainment center. We got a new DVD player and a new TV a month or more ago, and I think we've worked out all the kinks. I like the bigger screen, and I've been happy that we haven't had any problems with bad DVDs since we got the new one. (Our general experience has been that newer DVD players error correct better.) That was a 1999 DVD player and a 2001 or 2002 (CRT!) TV that we replaced. So, about time on both. Oh, and Netflix Streaming works better too, for some weird reason! No hesitation, stutters, or pixilation since we switched over, and we've now watched several hours of Fringe so it's not just a one-time thing. The only problem is that every once in a while (twice thus far) we lose our ability to pause, which is weird.

We also finished up work on the bathroom, mostly to correct problems left over from our contractor. I managed to pull the shower doors off and get one that wasn't put together right rehung. Pain in the neck. Then K's friend, J., stopped by and applied some kind of epoxy to a bunch of stuff that wasn't sticking right. Seems to have done the job.

Then last Thursday we got a new refrigerator in, which was our major purchase for the year. It's nice and spacious and closes right and doesn't constantly get mold on the door and has a working light inside and has water and ice -- and is thus all around great. The only problem is that the freezer door is partially blocked by one of our cabinets, but we've come up with some ideas for how a handyman could fix that for us -- if we can find someone to essentially rip out a cabinet and build in a little shelf that will fit with the rest of the kitchen. I'd guess our old refrigerator was from the '90s, but from the fact that the deliverymen were surprised by how heavy it was, maybe it was the '80s or something. In any case, I think we're going to see much better energy efficiency too.

(A couple of leaking pipes got fixed at the same time as the fridge install!)

On the appliances-to-eventually-replace list we've still got a washer, a drier, and a dish washer that came with the house, and a floor heater that may well be from 1906. I think the floor heater is what I'd personally like to replace first, but not this year. If nothing else dies first, and I am somewhat suspicious of the drier.

Meanwhile I've been doing cleaning and organizing up in my office, probably as a psychological defense mechanism to assert some control over my environment. Right now I'm cleaning out my old filing cabinet, which I've barely touched in a decade. I'm almost done with the emptying, then I can start refiling, which will get piles of stuff off the top of the cabinet (and give me room to put books there).

The majority of my writing energy in the last week or so has been spent on stuff I'm doing for Skotos, since that work is considerably less optional. However this weekend I managed to write about 1500 words on my current Designers & Dragons history and wrote my (required) two D&D Classics histories. I'm hoping to start getting the writing mojo back, and to finish with a draft of that Designers & Dragons history later in the week. I think it's got three major sections to go, which I'd like to do in three sessions -- maybe Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Overall the weekend was more restful than last weekend, which felt not like a weekend at all, so things are headed in the right direction.

I did do a nice bike ride on Saturday -- all the way up to Skyline Boulevard over Montclair, using a new route (which was too steep), then I rode some ground I never had before, from there along Skyline and Grizzly to Claremont, which offered up some very nice views. Fun ride, nice seeing new stuff, and the best of my writing over the weekend occurred during the ride, when I hung out and wrote for a couple of hours at the Shepherd Canyon Trail. Getting out really seems to be helping right now ...
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