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Shannon A.
Household Cleanup 
30th-Jul-2013 11:01 pm
Been getting various things cleaned up around the household lately.

Kimberly was able to get our painters back, and they redid our downstairs bathroom ceiling today. It was turning orange in spots. The painters guessed that their paint had been contaminated. (They'd been nice enough to use paint from a previous job for the small amount of painting so that they didn't need to charge us for it, but "no good deed", etal.) The current work (now done) means showering in our substandard upstairs bathroom today and tomorrow, but hoping all will be well for the future. Knock on wood: this might mean our very troublesome bathroom remodel from 2012 is now all totally OK, since we've got repainting done (again), doors rehung, and various things epoxied.

I had been reorganizing my to-be-read shelf for a few weeks, and finished that up yesterday. The old shelf was double-stacked with many precarious piles. I winnowed it down to about half-as-many books and reorganized it all. In the process I even found a few books that I was pretty sure I owned, but couldn't find recently. To support lots of books going back on to the regular shelves (mostly series where I decided that I only needed to keep the next book on my to-be-read shelf), I also pulled three stacks of books to go to Moe's. (Shame: I just cleared the old go-to-Moe's pile.)

Then today I finished reorganizing my personal file cabinet. I hadn't touched it in about a decade, and had just (helpfully) stacked file folders full of finished taxes and other stuff atop it. Well, now I've got rid of piles of old crap, and what's inside is actually relevant and organized. And no more piles.

Still lots more cleaning and organization to do. Next I might turn to some financial matters: some lists of stuff I've sent out to a seller that need to be reitemized and some old stocks which need to have tons of cost-basis info entered. But there's also closets to organize and more.

Oh, I've got a new wireless hub to install too.

Currently reading Toll the Hounds, the 8th Malazan book. Woo-eee, these are long books, but worth reading. I can't even imagine writing the series, which is somewhere over 10k pages, just in the main 10 books. This'll be my last new book in the series for the year (I read a max of 2/year), but I may revisit Gardens of the Moon and Memories of Ice later this year to put them back in proper perspective. Gardens of the Moon now looks positively short at 600-something pages. (Could this be a series that you can never finish, but constantly reread in cycles?)

I'm also finishing up a history of Bully Pulpit Games for Designers & Dragons, where it'll be my third major new article for the '00s book. That continues to all go slowly (too much stress in life; too much info to research; and too many podcasts to listen to), but it continues forward, which is the right direction. I was hoping to finish the editing for Bully Pulpit tonight, but at this point, it looks like maybe not.

Tomorrow: gaming.
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